Trail Guidelines

Welcome to the Orchard at Altapass, a non-profit organization. All visitors are expected to act with respect and courtesy as permitted guests on private land. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise in which all ages can participate. Explore the trails; take in the views, and please visit often. Each season offers a unique experience.

Please be mindful. Each apple variety has a particular season best for harvest. Ask an associate about the ripe varieties before picking. ONLY pick the ripe apples and only after purchase during normal business hours in season.
Check the weather. Dress accordingly as it can change quickly. Wear a brimmed hat and closed toed shoes, carry snacks, and plenty of water (available in the General Store during season).
Stay on the trail. Going off trail can damage or kill certain plants and harm ecosystems. Be mindful of trail conditions. If a trail is too wet and muddy, please return another day. A muddy trail can be dangerous to you and damage its condition.
LEAVE NO TRACE. Bring your own trash bag. There are none on the trails. And although we are pet-friendly, all pets must be leashed —always clean up after them.
We are a working orchard and our trails are marked. Electric fences are spaced to protect the crop from local predators as well as to help navigate around depressions and dips in the landscape.
If you visit during the week, the field crew will be out and working. Please avoid machinery—in use or parked.
Understand that some of the trails become unusable, signage disappears over the winter months. Please choose another trail if the one you’re on is difficult to follow. And please let us know if you find a downed trail marker.
NO horses, bicycles, or motorized vehicles.
NO HUNTING or foraging. Do not climb the trees or break off branches.
The Altapass Foundation is not responsible for any injuries that occur on or off the designated trails or after normal seasonal open hours. Dates and hours may change. Abuses to the trails, trees, or property at any time are prohibited; taking apples off the trees without paying for them is a crime. Person(s) will be prosecuted.