Sound Traveler

Sound Traveler honors the music of the past while celebrating contemporary music. Add their original creations and arrangements to the diverse mix, and you have innovative, unique, real, live music using unexpected combinations of instruments (guitar, trumpet, bass, concertina, banjo, harmonica, percussion, melodica, ukulele) and vocals. Expect to hear classic rock/pop/country, classy standards, light jazz, […]

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Greg Candle

In his thirties, Greg picked up a guitar and found that he was a natural songwriter, storyteller, and entertainer. He spent his early musical years performing near Cleveland, Ohio. It was there that he co-founded The Cleveland Songwriters in 1990, which is still in existence. Greg spent the next twenty years on the banquet circuit

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Sam McKinney

Native son, Sam McKinney is a true Orchard favorite. His repertoire includes a dynamic mix of traditional and contemporary music, and his voice grabs and guitar styles engage all those in his audience. His music is energetic and fun no matter what style he chooses to perform on this last day of the 2023 Orchard

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Pigeon River Messengers

The Pigeon River Messengers out of the Blue Ridge Mountains of WNC, play an eclectic blend of traditional folk, bluegrass, and Americana music. Their musical journey began when Lori and Zach met, fell in love, and began writing their own songs and performing them. Zach, who is originally from Knoxville and later moved to Nashville, is heavily

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Craigie & Kuhne

Cheryl Craigie (guitar/ukulele), and Kathy Kuhne (guitar/autoharp) based in Western, NC. Known primarily for their harmonies, the two perform an eclectic mix of songs, ranging from Old Time, Bluegrass, Roots, and Gospel to more contemporary folk and pop tunes. Audiences go on a musical and emotional journey—one that connects the old with the new, the

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Seth and Sara

‘Seth and Sara’ have been truckin’ it across North America, chasing their dreams while performing their modern-western originals (along with covers like Tyler Childers, The Beatles, Colter Wall, John Denver, etc.) to anyone who will listen. With Seth praised on his mesmerizing vocals, guitar, and an ever-evolving suitcase kick, Sara lays down percussion with delicate

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Miller and Pardue

Miller & Pardue

Miller & Pardue’s free-range acoustic roots music is well-burnished by years of playing good songs for good audiences.  The duo draws on the deep well of the American songbook to include selections from old-time, folk, bluegrass, early country, swing, and many other genres.  Tight vocal harmonies are a hallmark of their signature sound. Roger Miller,

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