acoustic music

SouthWind String Band

SouthWind is Suzie and Gary Solomon from Bakersville, NC. Suzie has been playing music most of her life; Gary joined her when they were married 18 years ago. Together they play stringed folk instruments—guitar, banjo, fiddle, lap dulcimer, autoharp, mandolin, bass, piano—and occasionally accordion and harmonica. They have a wide repertoire and can play for […]

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Ferguson & Northup

Ferguson and Northup is an acoustic duo from Western North Carolina. With rich harmonies and strong instrumentals, they provide a program of folk, traditional, and original tunes. They started playing together about five years ago and formed the duo in the spring of 2023. Andy is an accomplished vocalist, as well as guitar and mandolin

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Greg Candle

In his thirties, Greg picked up a guitar and found that he was a natural songwriter, storyteller, and entertainer. He spent his early musical years performing near Cleveland, Ohio. It was there that he co-founded The Cleveland Songwriters in 1990, which is still in existence. Greg spent the next twenty years on the banquet circuit

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William Ritter

William plays banjo, fiddle, guitar, and other “string-ed things.” He is particularly interested in old mountain folkways, foodways, humor—eager to swap lies, half-truths, tales, and seeds. William serves as music director for the Happy Valley Fiddlers Convention. William is the founder and owner of Song-to-Seed, which offers programs featuring Appalachian Heirloom Seeds, heirloom songs, and

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