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We like to think of spending time at the Orchard at Altapass is an experience for the senses. Especially in the fall when U-Pick is in season. If you aren't certain when your favorite apple will be ready for picking, check out the availability. Understand that the ripening times are best guesses. We work with, not around mother nature.  If you're still not sure, email us.  We're happy to help you plan your visit!

1 HALF PECK: $10

(half peck approximately 4 dry quarts)


~ Pick up and pay for your bag in the General Store.
~ Hours for picking: 10 AM to 4 PM



~ Pick up and pay for your bag in at the Apple Shed (Apple Core Grill).
~ Hours for picking: 10 AM to 4 PM
~ Pickers will be escorted to the ripe apple location on the hour. Feel free to purchase bag in advance and meander through the General Store while waiting.

Although no limit on number of bags you can purchase, already bagged apples are available for less in different quantities in the General Store

Want to U-Pick?

The Orchard U-Pick is a fun and educational experience for the entire family, so please be be mindful of our trees and apples:
~ Please wear appropriate clothing, bring sunscreen, jackets
~ We recommend wearing closed-toe shoes good for walking on uneven or muddy ground
; protection from ground debris
~ We maintain the land around the trees, getting rid of poison ivy/sumac, but please just take care where you walk
~ Please stay in the designated "picking" location. Other apples ARE NOT RIPE
~ We want you to have the ripest apples possible so ONLY pick what is designated ripe (HINT: if the apple stem doesn't twist off easily...one light twist, it isn't ripe)
~ We have a limited number of picking poles. Please let us know if you would like to use one
~ Remember, bees are our friends and most efficient pollinators; we need them; let them buzz
~ Feel free to taste before you buy, but it's recommended that apples be washed before eating; if you taste it, please pay for it by putting it in your bag
~ Children must be accompanied by an adult and be within arm's reach at all times.
~ Please dispose of any trash in the receptables at the red barn
~ Pets are welcome on leashes, but please pick up after them

and please

NO backpacks or large satchels permitted in the orchard
NO climbing on trees
NO throwing apples
NO breaking off tree branches, pulling off leaves

NO hitting the trees with the picking poles
NO vehicles allowed in the orchard
NO smoking allowed on Orchard property

NO climbing on ANY Orchard equipment. It is dangerous.

If you can't find any apples on the streamered trees or are told "we're out of U-Pick for the weekend", PLEASE DON'T PICK FROM THE OTHER TREES. These apples are not ripe! Each of the U-Pick varieties is checked for ripeness before being tagged. A few days makes a huge difference between mediocre and delicious. And if you taste an apple and don't like it, please have the courtesy of paying for it, by putting it into your bag. We're a small non-profit orchard. Our field crew works hard to grow the apples to perfect ripeness.

Part of our mission is to preserve the land, which includes the apples. We'll let you know when they ripen. If you are driving from a distance, please check the home page or our Facebook page on Thursday and plan on arriving early in the weekend. Because we are a small batch heirloom apple orchard, our U-Pick is limited. We do not control ripening times. When a variety has been completely U-picked, it's gone for the remainder of the season. But new varieties ripen every week. Please respect the Orchard and follow the guidelines. And if you're not certain about where to go, our staff will be happy to guide the way.


1025 Orchard Road

Spruce Pine, NC 28777

Blue Ridge Parkway
(mile marker 328.3)



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2021 HOURS

June 1-October 31

10 to 5

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