U-Pick Guidelines

U-Picking at the Orchard is a guided experience. Pickers leave from the Apple Shed located behind the red barn and walk through the fields to the ready-to-pick apples. Your guide will talk about the ripe apples and answer any questions.
The Orchard is a small batch heirloom apple orchard. Not all apples are available for U-Picking.
Please follow the guidelines below to ensure the
best U-Pick experience possible.
10 TO 4

Please wear appropriate clothing; bring sunscreen, hats & jackets
We recommend wearing closed-toe shoes for walking on uneven or muddy ground; consider wearing long pants. Apples on the ground are a yellow jacket favorite
We maintain the land around the trees, getting rid of poison ivy/sumac, but please just take care where you walk
Stay in the designated “picking” area. Other apples ARE NOT RIPE. We want you to have the tastiest apples possible so ONLY pick what is designated ripe (HINT: if the apple stem doesn’t twist off easily…one light twist, it isn’t ready)
We have a limited number of picking poles. Please let us know if you would like to use one and please return it to the Apple Shed when finished
Remember, bees are our friends and most efficient pollinators; we need them; let them buzz
Feel free to taste before you buy, but it’s recommended that apples be washed before eating; if you taste it, please pay for it by putting it in your bag
Children must be accompanied by an adult and be within arm’s reach at all times
Please dispose of any trash in the receptacles at the red barn—there are no receptacles in the field
Pets are welcome on leashes, but please pick up after them


NO backpacks or large satchels permitted in the orchard
NO climbing on trees
NO breaking off branches or pulling off leaves
NO hitting the trees with the picking poles or using the poles for anything other than retrieving apples that are out of reach
NO throwing apples
NO bicycles or motorized vehicles allowed in the Orchard fields
NO smoking allowed in the Orchard fields
NO climbing on ANY Orchard equipment—it is dangerous

U-Pick apple containers are available in three sizes. Pick the one that’s right for you and your family.