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Sound Traveler

Sound Traveler honors the music of the past while celebrating contemporary music. Add their original creations and arrangements to the diverse mix, and you have innovative, unique, real, live music using unexpected combinations of instruments (guitar, trumpet, bass, concertina, banjo, harmonica, percussion, melodica, ukulele) and vocals. Expect to hear classic rock/pop/country, classy standards, light jazz,

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Carolina Bluegrass Style

This is The Carolina Bluegrass Style’s second year performing at the  Orchard. Their Bluegrass style—the standard classics such as Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Rocky Top, Man of Constant Sorrow, Orange Blossom Special, Dueling Banjos, The Ballad of Jed Clampett—appealed to all audience members. And they threw in some classic country, featuring well-known tunes by such artists

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SouthWind String Band

SouthWind is Suzie and Gary Solomon from Bakersville, NC. Suzie has been playing music most of her life; Gary joined her when they were married 18 years ago. Together they play stringed folk instruments—guitar, banjo, fiddle, lap dulcimer, autoharp, mandolin, bass, piano—and occasionally accordion and harmonica. They have a wide repertoire and can play for

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Come celebrate the Scots-Irish heritage in Western North Carolina at the Orchard’s second annual event. Music will surround the kiosk of our Scots-Irish history that details the “Great Wagon Trail” of the 1700s. And there’ll be dancing, and perhaps a special treat or two. Beginning at noon, the swallows will have to swoop around the


Sam McKinney

Native son, Sam McKinney is a true Orchard favorite. His repertoire includes a dynamic mix of traditional and contemporary music, and his voice grabs and guitar styles engage all those in his audience. His music is energetic and fun no matter what style he chooses to perform on this last day of the 2023 Orchard

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William Ritter

William plays banjo, fiddle, guitar, and other “string-ed things.” He is particularly interested in old mountain folkways, foodways, humor—eager to swap lies, half-truths, tales, and seeds. William serves as music director for the Happy Valley Fiddlers Convention. William is the founder and owner of Song-to-Seed, which offers programs featuring Appalachian Heirloom Seeds, heirloom songs, and

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