Apple Varieties

Apples begin ripening in late July/early August and continue through mid to late October. The Orchard boasts over 20 varieties for purchase at the Apple Shed and for U-Pick. Because we are a small batch orchard, quantities are limited. And U-Pick isn’t available in all varieties. Most of our trees are heirloom—older varieties passed down through generations and characterized by their diversity of tastes, textures, sizes, and shapes. Unlike the limited number of apple offerings in grocery stores, heirloom apples offer a complexity of flavor, from sweet to tangy to crisp and juicy. Many of our Orchard trees were planted by their original owners at the beginning of the 20th century. We continue replenishing our numbers by grafting new trees each spring and invite you to enjoy your visit.


Approximate ripening dates. Based on past years’ yield and weather dependent.


Ugly apples” happen when chemical spraying is limited. We are not an organic orchard, however, are dedicated to preserving the land and the life on that land, including the bees and butterflies.  We tolerate minor surface damage to avoid harming them. The flavor is not affected; it’s enhanced by the lack of heavy chemicals. We are mindful of our enormous responsibility to maintain a balance in our ecosystem—all life at the Orchard at Altapass.