Jessi & the River Cats Band

Jessi & the River Cats Band

From July 18, 2021 2:30 pm until 4:30 pm

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Although it’s hard to categorize Jessi & The River Cats into a single genre, their music sits somewhere inside the broad category of Americana. The band seamlessly weaves acoustic instrumentation into creative and interesting arrangements of well known rock, pop, and country songs with a hint of bluegrass thrown in for color. While the group itself is relatively new, the individual members are certainly not new to their craft. The band members are all veteran musicians, each having played hundreds of gigs while logging thousands of miles on the road playing shows.

Jessica Gardner is “the voice” of the band and delivers a sweet, flawless vocal performance that is an absolute pleasure to listen to. In addition to singing, Jessica holds down a solid rhythm accompaniment on guitar. Her voice is perfectly complimented by the excellent musicianship of Blake Vance, Dale Huffman and Marshal Huffman. Blake is a multi-instrumentalist who plays whatever is needed - whether it be mandolin, baritone guitar, bass, or banjo. Although the majority of Blake’s musical experience has been in the traditional bluegrass world playing mandolin, he is well versed in many musical styles. Dale handles the primary lead guitar duties, bringing a lifetime of blues, rock and country influence to his unique style of acoustic guitar playing. Marshal is also a multi-instrumentalist and he lays down an excellent rhythmic foundation for “The River Cats” on bass and cajon. He also grabs a guitar occasionally and belts out a soulful lead vocal.

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