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As Marvin Gaye says "What's Goin On?"

Smokey Joe & south Toe Syndicate

From August 11, 3:00 pm until August 11, 4:30 pm
Posted by Alan Womack
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Well, what a crew we have here! So let's just start with the Ladies:

Susan Scoggins, from down in South Carolina, decided a while back that she just wanted to sing, and sing she does: both lead and back up. Susan also makes a great cup of coffee and some great sweet treats down at Maples in Micaville N.C...Yum Yum!

Peggy Williams adds a lot of color with the tambourine and some other percussion stuff that I don't know the names of and can't pronounce in most cases.

Yves Giraud is our French connection. Yves plays the Bass and chimes in on the vocals. A very accomplished writer and performer in his own rite, the Yves Giraud Band can be seen and heard around the area as well...Bonjour!

Cole Freeman hails from up in Connecticut and has been singing and playing the guitar for some time now. Cole plays the Banjo and Viola as well. He also speaks French so he can tell the rest of us what Yves is talking about...Merci beaucoup!

Lenny Ski: The old guy in the group, though not by much. Classically trained at the New England Conservatory of Music, Lenny just plain plays the strings off the fiddle. What he is doing hanging around this bunch I don't know. Running from the law or something? ¡WOW!

Roger Collins is our very own Mixologist. Roger twists the knobs and makes us sound a whole lot better than we have the right to...Thanks Roger!

Smokey Joe Peoples: The one and only almost nearly world famous one time, Smokey Joe has been writing and singing his songs for, well, a long time. Joe has done live radio, been nominated for string band of the year while playing with the Wisteria String Band out of Florida back in the 1990's, won the Charlotte Music Awards “Country Show Case,” and he used to drive the bus for the Chippendale's. But that as they say is another story...


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