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A Word From the Founder

Take a few moments to listen to Bill Carson, chief storyteller, dancer, and a Founder of The Orchard at Altapass Foundation. He'll tell you the story about this place—how it came to be and why. It's short, just 10 minutes. Some insight into the Orchard, an appetizer to the main meal. We're open May through October, so the next time you find yourself on the Blue Ridge Parkway, just north of Spruce Pine, stop in and visit. In the meantime, take and look and a listen. 


Bill & Judy Carson Orchard Foundation
Kit Carson-Trubey Founder/Inspiration
The Orchard at Altapass Foundation is fortunate to have so many dedicated people who have come together in support of our mission. Without them, the Orchard at Altapass couldn't exist as a vibrant, active, and above all, FUN destination.

Executive Director

Beth Hilton Executive Director

Board of Directors

Bob Ammann Chairperson
Hal Brown Treasurer
JoAnn Harllee Secretary
Bill Jones
Elaine Percival
Rose Stein
Kit Trubey


Chris King Finance/Bookkeeping
Kate Groff Marketing

Department Managers

Alicia Sillman General Store
Sandy Porter-- Apple Core Grill
Jon Jirka Operations

General Store Staff

Michela Buchanan
Elaine Collis
Kyleigh Johnson
Kristi Mitchell
Legend McCourry
Michael Trubey
Diane Varnot

Grill Staff

Courtney Thomas
Janiese Alonso
Rebecca McKinney

Field Staff

Marty Wise Tractor Operator
Ramiro Chavez Field Specialist
Kaleb Lyons Field Operations
Wouldn't it be great to think you could do it alone? But no one can. It takes community. And the Orchard loves ours. Meet the people who make us GREAT!  These are some amazing folks that we simply couldn't do without.  They are the face of our organization and provide us with the ability to do so much more that we could otherwise.


Add to those pictured: Denise Hoebeck, dance demos; Rex Lansing, wall/stage decor; Bruce Koran, Wednesday music; Bob Widman, picnics; Jill & Ken deWitt Hamer, fundraising; and store staff member, Elaine Collis, picnics/store; and board member, Elaine Percival, book club. We thank them all.
Alan Tinney-- Sound Engineer
Starli McDowell grants/outreach
Hannah Stein-- parking

Staff HEYRide


1025 Orchard Road
Spruce Pine, NC 28777

MAILING: P.O. Box 245
Little Switzerland, NC 28749



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